Corporate Social Responsibility at Roche Hungary

Corporate Social Responsibility at Roche Hungary

Roche contributes to a more sustainable future by developing new medicinal products and diagnostic devices. It also has a role in social, educational and humanitarian activities. In this spirit, the employees of the company take part in many different charitable events each year.


At Roche, we believe that children in need around the world deserve a chance for a better life. Each year, Roche organises a Children’s Walk fundraising programme, spending the monies raised in developing countries by launching long-term, sustainable changes. Since its first introduction in 2003, more than 230 thousand people have collected more than CHF 18 million (HUF 5 billion) to support the education, nutrition, social development and health care for children living in Malawi, Ethiopia, Nepal and the Philippines. Last year, 74 countries took part in the event.


Roche also assists families living with illness and in deep poverty in Hungary.

Our company gives donations to foundations and civil organisations for programmes that have health and scientific implications and are aimed at helping people in need. Our company has been regularly supporting the Bátor Tábor (a camp for seriously ill children and their families from central Europe) and the SOS Children’s Village. In 2015, we signed a three-year strategic partnership agreement with Hungarian Interchurch Aid, within the framework of which we assist the aid organisation in the implementation of health development programmes. The first donation was used to establish a salt room in the temporary shelter for families in Szolnok, while in 2016, the same facility was added to a temporary shelter for families in Miskolc. In 2017, the latest salt room, built with Roche funding, was handed over to those in need in Szendrő.

Saltroom openig in Csepel


We also have been cooperating with the National Ambulance Service for years, within the framework of which we primarily help the Budaörs ambulance station. With our support, the ambulance station’s equipment has been enhanced with a top-quality Lifepak 15 defibrillator, an HT70P Symbol ventilator, and a Lucas 2 chest compression device. In 2014, our company signed a five-year agreement with Táncsics Mihály Grammar School in Dabas to support the operation of the Öveges József Centre of Natural Sciences.

Lifesaving donations for the Hungarian National Ambulance Service Foundation


Our aim is to give a new impetus to natural science education and thereby sponsor the scientists of the future. Roche supports the treatment of cancer patients with a number of innovative personalised therapies and procedures. To support this endeavour, it has been a tradition for many years to announce a blood donation programme among our colleagues with the help of the National Blood Supply Service. The donated blood is used by the National Institute of Oncology. We take part in community and charity project with direct financial aid, education services and the direct physical contribution of our employees. In addition to financial help, we also organise a voluntary employee day each year to express our social responsibility.

Voluntary employee programs | Roche Children's Walk | Hungary, 2019

Gingerbread baking on the Budapest Christmas Market | Roche employee voluntary program