Diagnostics Division in Hungary

The most important task of Roche’s diagnostics business is to develop, optimise, maintain and service in vitro laboratory processes in the healthcare system, scientific research and education.


This includes:


  1. Laboratories of pathology institutes supporting oncology treatments,
  2. Central laboratories for supplying hospitals, including support for diagnostic solutions within the departments,
  3. Diagnostic devices used in primary care, outpatient clinics and ambulances.


In our partner laboratories 43,000 tests are carried out daily using Roche solutions. This equates to16 million tests annually. Some 70% of the pathology laboratories supporting oncology care in the country use Roche histological diagnostics solution. On average, Roche diagnostics staff spend over 100 hours a week in our partner laboratories on maintenance and servicing, setting up and consulting.


In 2014, HITA, 77 Elektronika and Roche signed a trilateral cooperation agreement. The agreement aims to use the tools of state trade development and Roche’s support to bring the products of 77 Elektronika to the world market.


In 2007, 77 Elektronika Kft launched the product line that was the basis of the cobas 6500 system. Development took place in accordance with Roche’s requirements, and the result is a new system that incorporates the patented technology of 77 Elektronika and complies with quality and user expectations built on Roche’s international experience.


The strategic cooperation is of key importance because it provides space and export opportunities for a Hungarian company by keeping the know-how, knowledge and experience gained in the country. The sale of cobas 6500 machines generated in 2017 5,3 billion HUF and in 2018 6,5 billion HUF in export revenues for the country. The collaboration with a large experienced company in instrument manufacturing and quality assurance results increasing in market penetration every year, as shown by export figures.