Economic Footprint of Roche Hungary

Roche in Hungary in 2019 produced 0,04% of the Hungarian GDP

In 2019 Roche activities in Hungary generated total contribution to Hungary’s GDP of the size of almost HUF 21 bn as Gross Value Added (GVA*). This value amounted to approx. 0,04% of the total Hungarian GDP produced by Roche in Hungary with more than 1000 employees.


In 2019 all activities of Roche in Hungary reached a GVA rate of 66% which is 23% higher than the average rate of the pharmaceutical sector in Hungary. It shows a high level of internal efficiency and inhouse value creation of Roche activities in Hungary.

The impact of direct gross value added produced by Roche Hungary is clearly positive for the national economy.

Roche in Hungary multiplies its direct GVA in 2019 by 1,5 multiplication factor. It means that the directly generated GVA is 30% and indirectly generated GVA is further 20% in the Hungarian economy.

By employing 1027 people in Hungary Roche triggered in 2019 approx. additional 500 indirect and further 500 induced jobs within the Hungarian labour market.


Every year our company invests a significant part of revenues to the Hungarian economy, in 2019 it was 74%.

Roche in Hungary in 2019 achieved remarkable internal R+D intensity rate** of 45% in healthcare related divisions.

That surpasses the EU target rate of 3% for the year 2020 for the EU economies as well as also surpasses the value of 15,3% of average rate reached by the Hungarian pharmaceutical sector.

Roche’s R+D activities in Hungary in 2019 support additional HUF 1,5 bn of GVA in the Hungarian economy also based on the multiplier effect, this amount is represented in other Hungarian companies’ GVAs.


*GVA: contributions of single companies to the national level of GDP. The total amount of GVAs of all companies gathers the total GDP of the country.

**Internal R+D intensity rate: internal R+D expenditures divided by company’s healthcare related division’s total GVA.


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