Roche’s service centre in Budapest

Roche Services (Europe) Ltd. was established in Budapest in 2006 as an affiliate of the Roche Group. From our office in the city center, we provide global support and consultancy to more than 120 Roche subsidiaries in finance, procurement, human resources and IT processes.


Our 900 devoted, professionally qualified experts contribute to Roche’s success every day with excellent technical knowledge and business sense. Our employees work in an environment that promotes their personal development, recognizes knowledge and creates opportunities for achieving unlimited career objectives. Our mission is to provide the same quality of service to our partners as Roche’s business partners provide to their patients.


As in the case of many shared service centres (SSCs), the central location in Europe, a wide range of foreign language skills and high-quality education made Hungary an attractive

target for Roche. In our founding year, a 20-member team began the operation in Budapest

according to the global values of the company, and growth has never stopped

over the years. Our service centre is still expanding, constantly introducing new services. Through continuous improvements and the increasing amount of end to end services provided, our jobs become more and more complex with growing accountabilities, providing development opportunities for our employees.


We believe that our colleagues play the biggest role in our performance, therefore we put the emphasis on the recruitment and retention of talented people. We set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the best service centres in the country. Our leaders focus especially closely on people and we have created a very strong, inclusive culture which contributes to the high engagement of our employees. In 2018, preparations began for the company’s move, we

are going to move to a new office building in the summer of 2020. Approximately

60 colleagues are involved in the design of the creative spaces of our exciting new office, representing the needs of the entire organisation.


The number and diversity of the initiatives aimed at the wellbeing of employees

is also outstanding. These include the Employee Assistance Program, which provides anonymous legal, financial and psychological assistance to colleagues facing problems

in their private lives. After the birth of their child both father and mother receive a one month paid holiday to allow them to spend time with their family at this exciting period in their lives. We are grateful to our colleagues who have been with us for several years, and we reward them with 2-3-4 weeks of paid holiday after their 3-6-10 years anniversaries at Roche. Our yearly Wellbeing Week promotes awareness of mental and physical health, the Career Days event with its numerous programmes assists the career development of our employees. We support a wide array of employee communities whether it is the above mentioned new office project team, the sports and health community, our environmental community, our office band, or the community organising events and programmes outside working hours.


We intend to build a diverse corporate community and therefore we started a close cooperation with Hungarian universities and organisations & foundations operating across the SSC market. Simultaneously we launched our unique programme “Job change above 40”, a career

forum where besides presenting the SSC sector and our centre, we provide opportunities for career consultation and advice on interview techniques to the audience. Based on the positive feedback received after the events, we know we want to carry on with this initiative.