Health industry leader Roche Hungary Ltd. and the Hungarian Government signed a strategic agreement on December 3rd

Olvassa el magyarulHealth industry leader Roche Magyarország Kft., known for its innovative solutions, and the government of Hungary have concluded a strategic agreement. The Swiss-headquartered Roche, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, is a key player on the Hungarian health industry market, simultaneously providing medical solutions that improve quality of life for patients with over 70 products in the fields of oncology, haematology, immunology, neurology and pulmonology, while also contributing to the creation of a sustainable healthcare system by Hungarian decision-makers through the sharing of its research and international experiences.

Alongside its products, Roche, which has been present in Hungary for 35 years, gives access to innovative therapies for Hungarian patients via its clinical studies, shifting medicine towards bespoke treatments. The corporate group is also at the vanguard in terms of job creation, continuously expanding its employee headcount and currently providing work for more than 1,750 employees, with Roche Szolgáltató Kft. increasing its headcount by another 300 individuals. As a key protagonist of the service sector, Roche is working on further reinforcing the sector in Hungary. Roche is among the companies that invest the lion's share of their income in Hungary, which, in the case of a biotechnology company, means that it invests three-quarters of its annual revenue in the Hungarian economy.

Roche has created a pharmaceutical, diagnostic and diabetes business line as well as a service centre in Hungary, and has most recently created a European pharmacovigilance and pharmaceutical quality assurance centre that contributes to patient safety and well-being Europe-wide thanks to the work of its highly qualified staff. Roche is offering a partnership not only to decision-makers but also to Hungarian businesses. 77 Elektronika Kft., which started out as a family business and is now present in more than 100 countries worldwide, reached a milestone with its agreement with Roche, which opened the door to the international health market for the Hungarian company.

The objective of the strategic agreement concluded with the government of Hungary is to allow Roche‘s value-based healthcare model, which aims to increase the innovative and bespoke therapies delivered to patients by manyfold compared to the current level by 2030 by significantly decreasing their social costs, also serves the wellbeing of Hungarian patients. The agreement will link decision-makers, innovative health industry companies and Hungarian universities, enabling the latter to join the networks that are global pioneers in healthcare and deliver the most modern digital solutions through research and development.

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