Roche’s Budapest service centre increases the number of complex positions with government support

Olvassa el magyarulThe company is opening 250 new positions this year, for which the Hungarian Government has provided HUF 104 million in support

Roche is expanding its regional service centre in Budapest by 250 employees and the Hungarian Government is providing non-refundable educational support in the amount of HUF 104 million for the expansion. Furthermore, Hungary is purchasing one thousand doses of the antibody cocktail, developed in part by Roche, which helps hospitalised Hungarian citizens avoid life-threatening conditions - Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó announced on 13 April 2021.

Roche has been working for patients in Hungary for nearly 40 years. It supports Hungarian healthcare with international expertise, innovative diagnostic solutions, oncological, neurological and other treatments. The company is committed to shaping the future of healthcare in order to provide as many patients as possible with a better chance, as soon as possible. So far, Roche has contributed 74 products to the treatment of the Hungarian people, and Péter Szijjártó stated: Hungary has ordered one thousand doses of the antibody cocktail, developed in part by Roche, which will help hospitalised people avoid life-threatening conditions and spend less time in the hospital, thus decreasing the pressure burdening the healthcare system. The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasised that Hungary is among the first three European Union member states using this treatment.

Roche opened its Budapest service centre in 2006, and in the past four years it‘s staff has increased from 900 to 1,300 employees. Beginning in March, the company is hiring another 150 people, after the global healthcare company decided to completely reorganise its HR structure. The office has already been providing financial, procurement, HR and IT support to more than 60 countries; with the occurrence of the new, high value-added and strategic tasks, the range of services and solutions provided by the centre will expand even further. With a further growth of around 100 new roles in finance later this year, the centre in the Hungarian capital is opening 250 new positions in total in 2021.

At the press conference where the expansion was announced, Péter Szijjártó underlined: “The fact that Roche has decided to expand its service centre in Budapest is a huge recognition for the country, as it provides stable job opportunities with good pay to talented, young Hungarians with university degrees that speak several languages. I would also like to thank the employees, as the management of the company would not have decided to increase the number of staff without their devoted and high-quality work and performance. I am happy to announce that the Hungarian Government is providing Roche with non-refundable support in the amount of HUF 104 million, which may be used for the training and continuous education of employees”.

“We are continuously working to make our solutions even more effective and of even higher quality. We are very happy that we are getting stronger through new HR positions, which will enable us to perform exciting and complex tasks which are not typical of the local service centre market. Roche has been a committed partner to Hungary for a long time. We highly appreciate the support of the Hungarian Government provided for our expansion, as we will be able to use this assistance to offer additional development opportunities to our colleagues” - Martin Kikstein, CEO of the Budapest office stated.

The Hungarian business services sector has achieved a very high level of maturity, a perfect example of which is Roche’s Budapest service centre, where world-class talents provide complex, high value-added services in various professional fields. Roche’s decision to expand is based on the company’s excellent local results, and we are happy to assist in the further expansion and contribute to the success of this unique competence centre - Róbert Ésik, CEO of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) said.

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