Roche Services & Solutions (RSS) in Budapest reached 2000-employee milestone

Olvassa el magyarulRoche Services & Solutions (RSS), the service center of the top global healthcare company Roche in Budapest, has been increasing the number of its colleagues continuously since its establishment in 2006. In the past few years the growth of their scope of the services and their employee numbers accelerated and by the end of 2022, the Budapest site welcomed its 2'000th colleague.

This is a major achievement for the Budapest site, which has now grown to be the largest service center within Roche. It supports the innovative healthcare efforts of 152 Roche entities in 58 countries across the EMEA region. Its 2000 colleagues are welcome to work in the 6-storey, modern, new office building in Veso street in Budapest, or they can choose to work from home or even sign a remote contract if they live farther away from the capital. 

Since 2020 the company has hired more than 800 highly educated, English speaking experts to support existing (Finance, HR, IT) and new business lines that surpass the notion of shared service centers of the previous decades. The sector went through a massive transformation, moving from transactional services to end-to-end solutions centers. New business lines at RSS EMEA include a fast growing Global Digital Hub providing branding, social media, publishing support for affiliates or Regulation Capabilities handling submission activities. It is not uncommon now that graphic designers, medical writers, regulation and compliance experts or agile coaches join in a meeting with financial, IT, HR colleagues to work in virtual teams, on global projects.

This is a different service center from the one that started out 16 years ago. With our 2'000 colleagues we are not only providing a wider range of traditional and new services, but we are also a significant player in the local service industry and an attractive employer of the best talents. What remains the same is delivering exceptional value to our partners, our culture of debate, mutual respect, and diversity. And of course the dedication of our colleagues to help contribute to curing patients,” said Roche Services & Solutions EMEA General Manager, Martin Kikstein.

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